Together, we will customise them to best suit the needs of your event. We will take care of every detail and carry out the event professionally for your pleasure and pride. We will consider all your wishes and even do our best to exceed them. Trust us with your event, because we will organise it to perfection in a unique, personal and special way.


The conference hall

Our conference hall is located on the hotel’s ground floor and with its variety of layouts allows us to suit your events in the best way possible.

Maximum capacity and layout options:
U-layout: 26+
Classroom: 30+
Theatre: 50


Our country room with terrace is perfect for coffee breaks during your business meetings, trainings or seminars. With a beautiful view of the hotel garden, it is perfect for smaller celebrations and similar occasions.


Our restaurant is an ideal venue for parties, buffets, corporate and social events, press conferences, celebrations and other major or small events.


Our night club is the perfect choice for hosting a private party or to pamper yourself with some wine tasting and for all kinds of evening events.


The hotel’s generous green garden with outdoor fireplace is an amazing, magical venue for all kinds of receptions or evening events.

Let us help you tailor and customize your event. We will pay attention to every single detail and take care of your event in the most professional way. Besides the fact that we will take into account all of your wishes, we will also do our best to go even beyond them. Trust us and let your event be prepared and performed to it’s perfection. Let it be unique, personal and special.

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