Wellness Service price list

Welcome to the embrace of Triglav National Park

As part of the renovation of the hotel, we strived to minimise the carbon footprint and thus the lower environmental impact. With the renovation there are also spatial constraints, but in spite of that we have allocated to the wellness area as much space as possible. As we strive towards safety and quality of service, the number of guests in the wellness centre is limited to 20. That’s why we have a reservation system – both for hotel guests and for external visitors. At the same time, our hotel guests are offered free admission to wellness for 2 hours/day. Prior reservations are mandatory.

For more information and reservations please contact us via by phone: +386 (0)59 764 404 or by e-mail: wellness@alpinia-group.si

Entry To The Wellness

Finnish and turkish sauna, whirpool, relax room with salt wall, ice fall, shower experience.

For hotel guests 2h/daily

0 €

For hotel guests that wish to prolong their stay in wellness for additional 3h

15 €

Outside guests 3h

30 €


Classic massage 45 min

60 €

Classic massage 60 min

77 €

Classic massage with natural cosmetics of your choice of 60 min

88 €

(cocoa butter, massage candle, herbal bundles)

Pain relief massage 60 min

88 €

Relax massage + face massage 60 min

77 €

Sport massage 45 min

71 €

Sport massage 60 min

88 €

Maderotherapy 45 min

55 €

Maderotherapy 60 min

71 €


Regenerative rest at Starpool without gravity water bed 20 min

14 €

Anti-cellulite treatment at Starpool weightless water bed 45 min

55 €

Extra towel rent

2 €

Towel loss

20 €

Bathrobe loss

30 €

Bag loss

30 €

Vip Spa For Two

Private finnish sauna, weightless water beds, private corner with a deck chairs and fresh fruit +
fresh fruit


168 €



215 €

Private Finnish sauna, Starpool weightless waterbeds, 2x classic massage with aromatic candle 45 min, private corner with deckchairs and a plate with fresh fruit + snack, sparkling wine, Detox smoothie upon departure


216 €

Private Finnish sauna, exfoliation on the Starpool weightless water bed, 2x classic massage with spruce bundles 45 min, private corner with deckchairs and a plate with fresh fruit + snack, local Jezernik beer, Detox smoothie upon departure


203 €

Private Finnish sauna, Starpool weightless waterbeds, 2x classic massage 45 min, private corner with deckchairs and fresh fruit plate + snack, Detox smoothie upon departure


86 € / na osebo

45-minute classic massage, entrance to the wellness for 3 hours, 1x natural exfoliation in the Turkish sauna

Please let us know if you want to cancel your reservation, 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you do not cancel the reserved service and do not use it, we will charge you half its price, even if it will not be used.

If you have a problem with your schedule or somewhere on the way to us, or in the case of a delay upon arrival, we will perform your service if the schedule allows us to do so. We will complete the service at the originally stated time, or we will only extend the appointment if the next appointment is free, as we want to provide services for all other guests as well. The guest may – at his own request – interrupt or shorten the service at any time, but in no case is he entitled to non-payment or a discount on the original value of the service.

All prices are in EUR and include VAT. The price list is valid from 1 May 2023. We reserve the right to change prices.

HOTEL BOHINJ, Ribčev Laz 45, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia

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