Bohinj Cake

Sweet revival at Hotel Bohinj.

Bohinj Cake is a refined blend of flavors and textures that will take you on a sweet culinary journey. The foundation of the cake is a moist almond and walnut sponge, generously layered with a delicious chocolate cream.

With every bite of Bohinj Cake, you will not only taste excellence but also feel the love for tradition. This cake represents our rich culinary heritage and is based on a recipe revived by renowned Slovenian ethnologist, Professor Dr. Janez Bogataj. We aspire for Bohinj Cake to become a symbol of our hotel and beyond – a symbol of the place you visit.

This dessert will bring you closer to the soul of Bohinj, its beauty, and its rich culture. We are confident that every bite of this cake will evoke a sense of homeliness and pleasure for the travelers.