In Bohinj, the day starts with cheese

The best craftsmen do their business on the foundations of tradition. Bohinj cheese takes us on a visit high up in the mountains and to a different time. A time that was fortunately caught in a time capsule and ensured that cows still produce milk from a thousand and one flowers.

Dairy products with the Bohinj label

Under the watchful eye of our local suppliers, this slowly transforms into the best version of the perfect cheese, which we are also happy and proud to serve here. Dairy products with the Bohinj label demonstrate the authenticity of the products.

Homemade yogurts, local cheeses, and curds in the company of freshly prepared dishes made from eggs, seasonal fruit and freshly baked bread make up part of the breakfast buffet at Hotel Bohinj. The Bohinj breakfast is included in all current packages.


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