Gin born from the natural treasures of the Bohinj mountains

Bohinj is essentially an oasis of peace. Even in the biggest tourist rush, it offers corners where you can find time and space for yourself. At the same time, it is also a place of constant inspiration, as evidenced by many successful local companies.

An integral part of gin are high-altitude ruins and wild thyme

Karakter Distillery is an excellent example. “Why not make gin from local ingredients,” three friends asked themselves, and one of Bohinj’s most successful stories was born. Who would have thought that alpine ruins and wild thyme could be an integral part of gin? Probably no one who does not love Bohinj and all the natural features it offers.

An extraordinary treat for your taste buds, provided by our master mixologists and of course the boys from the distillery

We are proud to work with such curious and innovative entrepreneurs. In this way, we also strengthen our values. You, on the other hand, receive an exceptional treat for your taste buds, which is taken care of by our drink mixing masters and, of course, the guys from the distillery. The selection of only the best ingredients from the natural habitat in the immediate vicinity ensures that a little bit of the soul of this beautiful valley is woven into every drop. Gin like you’ve never tasted before. Gin with character. Real Bohinj gin. Karakter gin.


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