Black stone tracks and a walk through “Toplar”

Renovating a building like Hotel Bohinj is anything but a piece of cake, especially when it involves such an intensive renovation. Choosing the right company is very important. The design office Ofis made sure that the architectural solutions in Hotel Bohinj are intertwined with local tradition and tell many stories with the help of design.

Monuments of Slovenian craftsmanship stand in the vicinity of the hotel…

The legacy of the old building inspired a new composition of triangular elements with distinctive triangular gabled roofs that intertwine with the mountain peaks in the background. They also managed to preserve the tradition with long common corridors, which represent a walk through the construction of the Bohinj hayloft “toplar”. These monuments of Slovenian craftsmanship stand in the vicinity of the hotel and are a strong symbol of tradition.

Every year some examples of traditional architecture disappear…

Access to the room thus offers guests the unique experience of entering these vernacular buildings – buildings that are only present in Slovenia. The geometry recreated on the carpet floor and on the ceiling and wall coverings is not only a reference for design, but also a warning for the protection of cultural heritage. Every year a few examples of this traditional architecture disappear, too often collapsing in on themselves.

The story of which is woven into the very foundation of Hotel Bohinj…

The graphics depicted on fabrics, glass and walls along the hotel represent the silhouette of four brave men, whose story is woven into the very foundation of Hotel Bohinj. The large black stone tracks that lead to the entrance and hotel lobby also have a strong meaning. They were created in memory of the famous Mr. Max, the legendary hotelier, who disappeared to an unknown place after the previous hotel was closed for renovation.


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