Time Machine with Batista Cadillac and Httpool

People may find it harder to remember names, places, numbers. Without a doubt, we remember experiences and feelings. The feeling of the 60s in America, when a different energy reigned in society, the energy of freedom and endless possibilities, is nostalgically packaged in Cadillac. At that time, the legendary car was experiencing its golden period and the feelings of that time are being revived by the Batista Cadillac group. Because we also cherish these feelings at Hotel Bohinj, we invited them to our outdoor stage.

Chef Domen Demšar made sure that we were not hungry while listening to the wonderful music

Although Httpool’s event was business in nature, we had fun like flower children in the late 60’s. Our Chef Domen Demšar made sure that we weren’t hungry during the wonderful music, smiles and kind words were a guarantee that these good feelings will never be forgotten.

With just the right amount of innovation and magic

On the exterior of Hotel Bohinj there are many beautiful corners, which with the right amount of innovation and magic can be transformed into a unique venue for holding an event. We map the idea into reality so that you will remember all the moments you spend with us for the rest of your life.⁠


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