Our stage, your sound – in search of our house band: round one

6 pm

We have started with the first round of music competition, where we are searching for a Hotel Bohinj's house band, that will enhance our summer evenings with their music.

We have started with the first round of the music competition, where we are searching for a Hotel Bohinj’s house band, that will enhance our summer evenings with their music. Mark these dates: May 24th, and 31st, when talented musicians will showcase their exceptional musical skills. Music spectacle is guaranteed, so be sure not to miss it.

On the first day of competition, we have been introduced to four very different performers. With us were:

  • Babooni
  • Tanja Lončar
  • Zasvoj
  • OCA band

Voting is conducted in two ways: half of the votes can be cast through online voting, while the other half is contributed by a selected jury from Hotel Bohinj. Together, we will decide on the selection of finalists and ultimately, the winner of the competition. Participate, support your favorites, and contribute to the music scene at Hotel Bohinj!

After the selection of finalists in June, specifically on June 7th, the winning band or artist who will become the house band of Hotel Bohinj will be announced.



Babooni is a musical group that passionately showcases their love, sincerity, and honesty through their music. Indie rock is their main genre, with hints of psychedelia and funk. Through their lyrics, they take you on a journey through different aspects of human relationships, society, and mysterious phenomena. They released their debut album, “Kjer se svet konča” (Where the World Ends), last year.

Tanja Lončar

Tanja Lončar is a talented musician who creates a magical atmosphere with her vocals and the cimbalom. Whether she sings songs like “Ledena” (Frozen), “Pesek in dotik” (Sand and Touch), “Svet je tvoj” (The World Is Yours), or takes you on a journey with covers of hits like “Hallelujah,” “Sweet Child O’Mine,” or “You Raise Me Up,” she will undoubtedly impress audiences of all generations. Her musical journey began at the Velenje Music School when she was just seven years old, and since then, she has performed on stages throughout the country. We are delighted to host her here as well.


Zasvoj will raise the temperature at the competition with their energetic performance. We will definitely experience a musical show that will surprise and captivate the audience with their unique sound. With their distinct musical combination, they will prove that they are ready to make a breakthrough in the music scene. Don’t miss their performance!

OCA band, One Cupcake Away

OCA band brings a completely fresh and energetic musical experience. Their style intertwines various genres, creating a unique musical atmosphere. They will surely impress you with their authenticity and passion for music. They describe their music as a unique mix.