Our stage, your sound – in search of our house band: final round

6 pm

This time, the final round is up, where selected musicians will present themselves as part of the event series 'Our Scene, Your Sound!' where we are searching for the house band of Hotel Bohinj. Welcome to join us!

This time, the final round is up, where selected musicians will present themselves as part of the event series ‘Our Scene, Your Sound!’ where we are searching for the house band of Hotel Bohinj.

On the last day of competition, we will be introduced to five very different performers.

Join us for:

  • RiNA
  • Duo Planet Acoustic
  • Sex Dolls
  • BOOOM!

See you on Wednesday, May 31st, in the garden of Hotel Bohinj. We start at 6:00 pm. In case of bad weather, the event will be moved indoors. You’re invited!

If you cannot attend the event, you are welcome to join us via the live stream on Hotel Bohinj’s Instagram profile, where you will also be able to cast your vote.

Voting will take place in two ways: half of the votes can be cast through online voting, and the other half will be contributed by the selected jury of Hotel Bohinj. Together, we will decide on the selection of finalists and, in the end, the winner of the competition. Participate, support your favorites, and contribute to the music scene at Hotel Bohinj!

After the selection of finalists in June, specifically on June 7th, the winning group or performer, who will become the house band of Hotel Bohinj, will be announced.


Rina is a singer and songwriter who has been actively involved in music since 2013, exploring various genres. In 2019, she participated in the Melodije morja in sonca festival with her song “Svet.” In recent years, she has released several singles such as “Naprej,” “Lebdiva,” “Nič ne velja,” “Na pol poti,” and “Brez obljub,” which have been well received in the Slovenian music and media scene. This time, she will also perform for us and our audience.


Planet Acoustic has two permanent residents, Tea and Grega. They always attract listeners with the sounds of the guitar and gentle vocals. Their acoustic pop-rock style fills the entire planet, and their voice quickly spreads throughout the entire galaxy.


Sex Dolls is an energetic trio whose members come from Slovenj Gradec, Mežica, and Podgorje. These young musicians from Carinthia are carving their path in the Slovenian music scene. They began writing their story in July 2022, and the band took its final form in late autumn of the same year. The current lineup consists of Aljaž (guitar and vocals), Nika (bass and backing vocals), and Bono (drums). They play a mix of various genres in their music. Their main focus is on playing original songs, which they diligently work on, but they also enjoy performing covers of music groups and artists who inspire them. Their repertoire spans from Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Slovenian punk band Niet, and many others. In this year, they promise new original material, which they will present through media platforms and, of course, live performance.


BOOOM! is a young pop/rock music band, consisting of three main vocalists and frontmen: Luka Cvetičanin, Patrik Mrak, and Matevž Derenda, along with other members of the backing band. In the past two years of their activity, they have presented several original works to the domestic audience, including “Julija,” “Dvignem te,” “Briga me,” “Bo nita,” and their latest successful hit “Spomin” (in collaboration with Modrijani), which has already garnered over 290,000 views on YouTube in just a few months since its release. In addition to their original music, they can also prepare performances of international hits upon the client’s request. This year, they plan to release their first original album.